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Ave ! Welcome
to the web site of the
Second Legion Augusta (NZ)

this web site is designed for viewing in MS I.E. 6

A word from our Club Captain: Dr. Rob Bowden

We are a research and re-enactment group specialising in recreating the Roman Army and Roman life from the 2nd to the 4th century A.D.

Consisting of around 90 members, male and female, young and old, the Second Legion Augusta presents living history and combat displays of military life at venues throughout New Zealand. Our members come from many parts of New Zealand although our main base is to be found in Auckland where our training takes place. Members include artisans, armourers, artists, historians, and performers as well as combatants and display fighters.

Our combat members undergo fortnightly combat training and participate in battle days; all members join in displays for both the corporate and educational and tourism sectors, as well as appearing on Televison & in Film.

For full details: e-mail SPQR
or phone Rob at:
Auckland (09) 489-4633

Some of the members of Legio II Augusta

Coming from many walks of life we are nevertheless united by our enthusiasm for the Ancient Roman world and the Roman army and by our determination to help inform, educate and enjoy! Our armour, clothing, weapons and seige artillery have been made after extensive research and are as authentic we can make them.

New members are always welcome!
Come and meet us at a training day!

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