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Roman Reenactment Groups
1st Cohort, Las Vegas, Nevada.

2nd Cohort, Arvada, Colorado.

History of II Traiana

The year is 101A.D. The powerful Dacian King
DECEBALUS threatens Rome, his army has defeated Roman forces under DOMITIAN (81-96) and now threatens Trajan's Rome.
TRAJAN (98-117) Emperor of Rome determined to put an end to the situation defeats Decebalus during the FIRST DACIAN WAR (101-102) and forces him to terms.
In 105 Decebalus breaks the terms. Trajan embarks on a second campaign aimed at total conquest of the Dacian kingdom.
It's now in 105 A.D. that II TRAIANA is born. The new Legion, named after the Emperors Father's Family, along with
XXX ULPIA VICTRIX and Elements of other Roman Forces and Allies, bridge the Danube river and Trajan wins the SECOND DACIAN WAR (105-106).
Dacia becomes a Roman Province, and for it's Strength and Fortitude during the campaign, II TRAIANA is given the Moniker Fortis, the Strong Legion of Trajan and for it's Emblem the Demi-God Hercules.
For the last years of Trajan's life, the Emperor and his Legions lay siege to Parthia, Rome's great Eastern rival. After taking the capital and bathing in the Persian gulf, the Emperor dies and the new Legion is sent to the troublesome Province of Judea.
HADRIAN (117-138) becomes Emperor and in 125 the Legion is transfered to Nicopolis a few miles Northeast of Alexandria in the Imperial Province of Egypt, the land of stone Monoliths and Pyramids where the Emperor is worshipped as Pharoah and Senators have to ask permission to enter. Soon aftewards in 130 the Jews revolt and a Detachment (Vexillation) from the Legion is back in Judea at war!
In 194 originally supporting Pescennius Niger against Septimius Severus, it switched sides and helped swing the course of history in Severus' favor.
260-268 AD in the Civil wars of the breakawy Gallic empire, it served Gallienus against Posthumus but eventually was returned to Egypt after Aurelian
defeates Zenobia.
In 296
DIOCLETIAN (284-305) reorganizes the Legion and two years later it fights the Moors in Mauretania.
Until the 5th Century A.D. the Legion was stationed across Egypt in such towns as Panospolis, Thebes, Syene and Pselchis, it's final garrison being on the southern frontier guarding the Meroitic kingdom of Nubia.
After 400 hundred years of defending the Empire with no major defeats, the Legion fades from History. Then 1,500 years later...
LEGIO II TRAIANA FORTIS, the strong Legion of Trajan. Cohort I is stationed in Las Vegas Nevada, land of glass and steel Monoliths and Pyramids. Cohort II is a large group in Arvada, Colorado. Others wishing to start thier own Cohort where they live are welcome to do so. All of our Cohorts work independent of each other but maintain the same standards. We primarily portray late 1st and early 2nd century Roman Army drill and camp life however we also welcome all relative Reenactors thru out the Roman Age. We hope to have everything from Senators to Gladiators. We also welcome Celts, Greeks and others of the Time to Participate.


Frank Frazetta

Legio II Traiana Fortis
The Roman Emperors courtesy of Roman Emperors.org




Policy, Religion&the Gods

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