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LEGIO VI VICTRIX - The Antonine Guard Roman Research Society (UK)

The Antonine Guard Roman Research Society

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The Antonine Guard
29 Letham Rise
St Davids Bay Fife
Scotland UK
KY11 5FW

Our Legion
The Present Day Guard

The Antonine Guard was formed in 1996. It is a Roman Historical /
Re-enactment group concentrating on the period of Roman occupation
of Scotland in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.

Our prime aim is to promote a greater awareness of Roman Scotland for
the general public. We do this through the public demonstration of the
military and civilian life of the period, with a strict adherence to
accuracy. Another major tenet of our approach is co-operation with
academic and educational authorities to help to accrue and disseminate
knowledge of this period.

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