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Century I, Cohors II

Legio III Cyrenaica

Ceasar's Conquerors!


Century I, Cohors II, Legio III "Cyrenaica", Caesar's Conquerors, and the affiliated Auxilia, are Ancient Historical, Living History Impressionist Organizations representing the famous Legio III that was formed approximately 31BC and its accompanied Auxilia. Time periods represented cover the period from 31BC through 550AD. Our main emphasis is on the Flavian Period from approximately 66AD through 100AD.

This organization is designed for the enjoyment of it's membership as well as performing Historical Displays, Parades, Events and other gatherings, in order to represent Military and Civilian personas of the Ancient Roman Military and Civilian life, in an educational setting for ourselves, and others, in Historical Reenactments and Living History encampments and functions.

"We're under construction right now! More information coming soon. In the meantime, contact webmistress at jbrooks6908@charter.net for more information on Legio III Cyrenaica."

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